Principal’s Message


Rolando M. Quinones

Principal – EtonHouse International Pre-School Yangon, Myanmar

I am pleased to welcome you to EtonHouse International Pre-school Yangon! Here at EtonHouse, children’s rights and curiosity in learning are respected and supported through hands on explorations in a purposely-designed learning environment. Housed in a 2-storey modernized building in the heart of Yangon, the school provides a safe, warm and conducive learning environment for children where a love for learning is nurtured.

EtonHouse International Pre-school Yangon fosters child-centered instruction and decision, promotes academic excellence along with community involvement. EtonHouse Yangon signifies connectivity and serves as an essential part of the society. We work collaboratively with parents to develop and implement our shared vision. Parents can communicate with their child’s teachers via email or our communication notebook. Parents are offered multiple opportunities to find out more about their child’s experiences as well as share their feedback with the school. Class and school newsletters will also be sent home every other week. Furthermore, scheduled play dates and classroom visitations are also part of our learning programme.

The early years are the most significant and crucial period of a child’s development. It is important that during this stage, a child has the privilege to venture, explore and discover their talents through an interactive environment with the support of qualified educators. I believe that every child is unique and every learning opportunity should complement the passion and interests that they have.

Our dedicated educators have undergone rigorous professional training. They conduct weekly lesson planning sessions and by daily reflections on how to better provide more engaging activities that will provoke the children’s curiosity and critical thinking. These activities are not only confined inside the classrooms but will be extended to outdoor explorations, co-curricular activities and other invitations where children’s inquiries lead to. We believe that learning is limitless and a lifelong journey.

I am incredibly proud of the work done at our school and I sincerely look forward to helping you learn more about how the EtonHouse education fits with the academic, social, and personal goals you have for your child. Please take a moment to call the school to schedule a visit and meeting with me so I can show you what our school has to offer.


Rolando M. Quiñones
School Principal

This page was last edited on July 15, 2016